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Adithana Resolution System™

Our goal is to help B2B tech businesses succeed by leveraging the value of innovative marketing and communication tools. With over 15+ of experience analyzing and resolving a wide variety of complex communication challenges, we developed a comprehensive system of solutions tailored to your needs and demands. We address some of the most pressing marketing topics, such as how to establish a successful brand, generate new leads, and spread the word about your products or services. Leveraging an AI-first approach, coupled with human creativity and experience, we deliver higher marketing output efficiently, resulting in increased ROI for your company.

Here are the key modules of our Adithana Resolution System (ARS):

Goal: To analyze the situation “as is”, and provide the big picture to our partners on how we can help them achieve the desired goals.

Goal: To design unique solutions for specific audiences, increase audience publicity, and achieve a viral effect. 

Goal: To generate new leads, maintain successful customer relationships, and capture the attention you deserve.

Goal: To develop a customized approach for each client, fill in the gaps between the current brand look and desired state.

Goal: To expand the brand presence through organic reach, posting meaningful and relevant content, reaching the audience through targeted paid social campaigns.

Goal: To analyze the existing strategy and provide recommendations for successful next steps.

Our Solutions

Increase your marketing ROI with AI-powered marketing strategy

With thousands of AI tools available, you don't have to worry about understanding them all - we do that for you, ensuring a seamless integration of AI into your marketing strategy. By understanding your target audience, competitors, and industry trends, our AI-driven approach crafts highly targeted and effective marketing strategies that yield sustainable results.


  • Comprehensive market and audience analysis
  • Integration of AI tools for data-driven insights
  • Developing marketing strategies and plans tailored to your unique goals and objectives
  • Ongoing strategy monitoring & optimization leveraging AI

Create a tailored content strategy that engages and converts

At Adithana, we understand that compelling, relevant, and valuable content is the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. Our Content Strategy Map is designed to create a strategic blueprint for your content marketing efforts, enabling you to engage effectively with your target audience and convert them into high-paying customers.


  • Comprehensive audience analysis and content research
  • Development of content pillars and themes for targeted messaging
  • Optimising the content mix and distribution channels for maximum reach
  • Defining and measuring KPIs for ongoing optimisation

Get hands-on support for your marketing initiatives

Discover our Marketing-as-a-Service solutions. Combining AI insights with hands-on expertise and years of marketing experience, we go the extra mile to ensure your marketing efforts achieve their full potential.


  • High-converting landing page copies
  • Value proposition development
  • Brand marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Writing engaging blog posts and other long-form content
  • Social media management and advertising campaigns (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)
  • Preparation and managing of PR campaigns
  • Media management and outreach

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your marketing?

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