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birds conversation
Enhance Customer Experiences with these Conversation Design Best Practices for 2022

Have you ever noticed the small chatbot popping up on the side of the website when you open it? Some chatbots feel extremely natural to talk to, and there are others that just don’t make the cut. Have you ever wondered why? Everything comes down to how well you have performed in the conversation design...

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fintech marketing
4 fintech marketing case studies that will inspire your next campaign

According to GlobeNewswire, fintech market value is estimated to reach over $305 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of over 20%. In addition, as per Statista, digital payments will be the market’s largest category in 2022, with a total transaction value of US$7,860,739m. The numbers clearly show that the fintech industry is booming, and as...

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Artificial Intelligence
6 Reasons Why You Must Integrate Artificial Intelligence In Your Marketing

Hollywood movies have been quite successful in showing artificial intelligence technology’s prowess in a rather dramatic fashion. From 2001: A Space Odyssey’s HAL 9000 to Iron Man’s Jarvis, films have introduced us to some interesting examples of machine learning and artificial intelligence in action.  But what about the world we live in? The one where...

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voice technology
Is Voice Tech The Next Big Thing For Brands?

In 1961, William C. Dersch of IBM developed a computer that could calculate mathematical functions through speech recognition. It was called IBM Shoebox. It understood 16 spoken words in mathematics and the numbers 0 to 9. Now 50 years later, you can book a table at your favorite restaurant by giving a simple command to...

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customer success
What is Adithana Resolution System and is it for my business?

Recently, I had been invited to train a marketing team of a tech company on how to improve their brand storytelling and content marketing. Taking their topic as a main focus of the practical exercises, we looked into the whole process – from what is missing in the current state to the strategies and tactical...

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[Free Guidebook] 10 rules to create stunning content that Google loves

    What will you find in this FREE guidebook? The essential principles you need to know that will improve the SEO of your content and expand the visibility of your articles.   Key tips on how to enhance the readability of your texts. Engage effectively with your audiences and make them stay on your website! ...

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5 storytelling trends that are more powerful than your existing marketing strategy

Telling a compelling story can do magic with your brand. Companies like Pixar, Disney, Blizzard Entertainment, Netflix, and Amazon have already realized this fact, and they have built their entire business models around storytelling. If done right, this tool can help you discover an explosive expansion of possibilities and growth, and as a result –...

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technology trends
4 technology trends that will skyrocket your marketing in 2020 and beyond

In these turbulent times of nationwide work-altering conditions, one cannot help but think of the saying – “adapt, overcome, survive”. Of course, the marketing field is nowhere near the harsh jungle conditions in times of old, but change is inevitable, and marketers must indeed adapt to survive. We live in such reality that challenges await...

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coronavirus crisis
Over 850 people with 111 projects to battle the coronavirus crisis in the largest hackathon in Bulgaria

The past weekend provided us with a great mix of inspiration, innovation, and unity of people around Bulgaria with one single goal – to hack the problems related to the coronavirus crisis.  More than 850 people joined the online competition presenting 111 ideas in three main categories – Save Lives, Save Communities, and Save Businesses....

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