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coronavirus crisis
Adithana Marketing is partnering with Power of BG to hack the coronavirus crisis in Bulgaria

Is it possible to combine technologies and innovative ideas to fight the coronavirus crisis? Our answer is – definitely yes.  Adithana Marketing is the communications partner to the initiative Hack the Crisis Bulgaria, a 48-hours long online hackathon organized by the entrepreneurial network Power of BG. The digital competition aims to gather people with business,...

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public relations
How to be successful in PR? Advance with these four tips

PR is both art and science. Are you a strong communicator, a great storyteller and a critical thinker in nature? If so, you have the potential to excel in the profession. In addition to these abilities, the best PR people know how to build relationships, have emotional intelligence and genuine interest to interact with other...

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Sandler sales
The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles…And How To Apply Them

If sales is your passion or you need to be trained on how to sell better as part of your job, you should consider learning more about The Sandler sales methodology. It is not only a sales technique to be familiar with but at the core of the approach is fostering the attitude of leadership....

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marketing tips
5 Top-Notch Marketing Skills For Successful Startups

Becoming an entrepreneur involves many complex skills and being marketing savvy is certainly one of them. We analyzed the top-notch marketing skills needed for everybody who wants to enter the startup ecosystem. They comprise a mix of digital, communications and analytical skills. Of course, not everybody is proficient in every field but the more you...

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How To Create An Outstanding Value Proposition For Your Company?

Ok, you have made your first steps toward creating your own startup. The idea is already decided, you have your website and a small team that is ready to embark on this adventure with you. Your buyer personas are also well thought of, but how are you going to approach them is still a mystery....

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art of networking
Master The Art Of Networking With These Simple Steps

Whether you have an extroverted or introverted personality, if you are in marketing, the art of networking is something that you need to master. I have seen many marketing professionals who don’t like networking just because they are afraid or shy to talk to people they don’t know. Most of them say that networking is a “sales skill” and...

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