What is Adithana Resolution System and is it for my business?

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What is Adithana Resolution System and is it for my business?

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Recently, I had been invited to train a marketing team of a tech company on how to improve their brand storytelling and content marketing.

Taking their topic as a main focus of the practical exercises, we looked into the whole process – from what is missing in the current state to the strategies and tactical steps to reach their goal. We based our approach and discussion on the Adithana Resolution System framework.

Attending meetings with my team, we have often been asked about the meaning of the framework and how it can be useful for our client’s marketing activities. As the concept is unique, most companies take some time to understand it.

So, I decided to compile this post and bring more clarity around why the framework is not only valuable but can structure your whole marketing process into actionable and executable steps.

What does Adithana mean, and why should you care about it

But first, let’s start with a little bit of а backstory. What does “Adithana” mean?

It all started with a small meditation center in Nepal that I visited during 2018. I decided to take a Vipassana course (the most accident method of meditation thought by Buddha). It is a 10-day course, during which you have to meditate 10 hours a day, stay in silence, without reading or writing, or anything else that connects you to the outside world.

During Day 4 of the practice, we were introduced to the concept of “Adhiṭṭhāna”, which translated from Pali has the meaning of “decision”, “resolution”, “self-determination”, “will”, and “resolute determination”. It is related to being strongly determined to the meditation practice reaching the deepest levels of one’s self.

This unique name and message inspired me, as they resonated with my personality.

Adithana is about the strong unshakable commitment we give to ourselves when things really matter to us.

Combining this concept with my passion for marketing, this is how Adithana Marketing was born. And the name carries everything we want to express and say to our clients. We are here because we are determined to help with the most complex marketing challenges in your company by going the extra mile.

Working on a variety of marketing projects throughout the years and building a solid capacity and know-how, we envisioned what the client needs in each step of their marketing journey –  how to resolve a concrete challenge when they most need it.

We cover the process end-to-end – from analyzing your existing marketing activities to crafting winning marketing strategies, and helping with the execution process and tactical planning.

This is what Adithana Resolution System (ARS) truly represents. Based on our extensive collective marketing and project-based experience, we have structured every step with predefined processes and templates that are customized depending on each client. It applies to each business, no matter the stages of the company’s growth.

Curious to know what is behind each stage? Let’s dig deeper!

Adithana Resolution System – the meaning of each step

The framework consists of six components that describe the stages of the marketing problem resolution. Each of these components is a fundamental part of the marketing resolution architecture.

Imagine that you are building a house. You can’t reach far if your foundations are not done right. Business is similar. These are building blocks of ARS:

adithana resolution system

Each building block has a goal attached to it (which resonates with the goal of the company), and it is filling a part of the circle while reaching the stage in which the circle is complete – or your marketing challenge is resolved.

Here are the building blocks of the framework in more details:

1. Figure out

This is the first step of each project, which is performed together with the customer’s team. The goal is to analyze the situation as it is (how marketing has been done so far and the achieved results) and outline what is needed as steps to work towards reaching the desired outcome. Setting expectations right is crucial. It is important to remember that marketing doesn’t work overnight and if you have had challenges in implementing your strategies (or lack of strategies) for years, it means that we should start from the roots.
Think long-term and be patient, the investment in marketing is not a sprint, but it is rather a marathon that will help you create a sustainable value proposition and attract more customers over the years.

building blocks

2. Design and Build

Once we decide on how the desired goal will look like, we come up with a customized approach for each client, fill in the gaps between the current brand look and the desired state. Here, we deeply analyze all of your communication channels and set the foundations right.

The outcome is to create a narrative in every digital touchpoint you have with the customer that is clear, simple to understand, and professional.

marketing design

Usually, at this stage, we are asked for support by start-up and scale-up companies that realize the value of creating or improving their communication channels.

3. Transform

We are coming to the stage of TRANSFORM, which is possible once we set up the foundations right. The goal is to expand your brand presence through organic reach, posting meaningful and impactful content, as well as reaching audiences through targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.
We see our work as a valuable add-on to the companies’ marketing departments. And our job is to co-create an understanding of what is missing collaborating side-by-side with our clients.

Whether we are talking about writing your copy, messaging, or PPC campaign, we have a qualified internal team and associates with long-term marketing experience who will be dedicated to your project.

4. Outperform

Following the natural progression of the journey that each company is going through, we are reaching the “OUTPERFORM” stage. This building block is related to designing unique solutions for specific audiences that you have, so you can increase your visibility, audience reach, and outperform the competition.

The stage of “OUTPERFORM” will help you stand out by being unique.

Here, we put the tasks that go beyond the regular marketing activities and excel the company through being creative and cutting through the noise.

digital marketing win

Among the services that we execute during this phase include storytelling campaigns, international PR & Comms strategies, employer branding, etc.

5. Win

For each company and business, it is all about winning in the end, but before we win, we need to have the previous components already in place.
The goal behind this stage of ARS is to generate new leads and maintain successful relationships with existing customers, which will allow you to retain them over a period of time.
Our team can be particularly useful in designing and launching your email marketing campaigns, maintaining customer communication in social media, or crafting effective sales messages to generate new leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

At this stage, most of the inquiries we get are from companies that already have their systems and processes in place, and they need an extension to their marketing team to make this process more efficient and deliver higher results.

6. Reflect

We come to the end of our framework. Similar to evaluating every strategy or business opportunity, in the end, it is always time to REFLECT. Without reflection, we will be blind to see what we are missing and what our next steps should be.
It is important to remember here – experimentation is an inseparable part of marketing. Even if you read the best theories in the world or the best practical steps you can learn from other experts, it all comes down to experimentation.

On average, 10% of your marketing budget should be dedicated to these activities (some clients still find it hard to believe, but this is the reality).

In the REFLECT stage, we analyze the existing data and results from the campaigns, and we come up with recommendations on how to update our strategies to reach the targets on each stage.

marketing analysis

Your journey ahead

Adithana Resolution System was born after working on a wide variety of international projects and analyzing clients’ processes looking into the challenges related to their digital marketing and communications activities. We know that our systems work because they have been tested over time.

If you reached this point in the article, I am confident that you are determined (at least as much as we are) to scale your marketing results. Hence, I am really interested in getting to know you better and help your company expand its growth potential.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your story. Our promise is an open and honest discussion, so you can get the most value out of it. We might be the missing piece of your puzzle (and you – the new long-term partner we are excited to collaborate with).

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully working on the next transformational project together!

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