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Innovative Brand Storytelling for Tech

Practical Masterclass leading to Actionable Results

Craft effective brand stories that engage and sell

9-12 March 2021

The Innovative Brand Storytelling Masterclass for Tech is an exclusive program for executives and marketing practitioners from the technology sector aspiring to identify, create, and communicate inspiring brand stories. The program combines customized engaging workshops in limited-sized groups and 1-1 mentoring sessions applying a fully practical, hands-on, and problem-solving approach. Blending strategy with practice, this training is for forward-thinking professionals who would like to become the storytellers of tomorrow.

This Masterclass welcomes participants who would like to upgrade their skills and solve an existing storytelling challenge in their companies, enhance their storytelling strategy, or use storytelling more effectively.

storytelling for tech


  • To find a solution to a company’s specific storytelling challenge/topic through personalized 1-1 coaching and mentoring.
  • To equip you with storytelling principles and practices taught in some of the best marketing schools in the world that can be applied to your particular company context.

Who is it for?

This program is valuable for executives and marketing professionals in the technology sector who would like to master the creation of impactful stories and apply them to their brand context. The list can include but is not limited to managers/experts in marketing, business development, brand management, PR & communications.

about me

About the lector

Sonya Trivedi has 13+ years of experience in marketing with a focus on helping technology and B2B companies create impactful brands. Her expertise includes driving storytelling initiatives across Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. Currently, Sonya is the Founder and CEO of Adithana Marketing, a digital marketing and storytelling agency specialized in providing custom marketing solutions to a vast array of businesses.

As part of her job for a global technology company, she has worked on communication projects together with large financial and non-profit organizations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions, CreditAccess Grameen (India), etc. Sonya mentored professionals in Digital Marketing in Springboard, an online school for mentor-led courses, announced one of America’s top startup employers by Forbes. Her work was featured in Google’s OMC Spotlight Series.

Sonya graduated from the executive program “Digital Marketing Strategies: Data, Automation, AI and Analytics” in Kellogg School of Management, holds certificates from The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the largest marketing professional body in the UK, as well as a Master’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Salford, Manchester.

Why join?

Brand storytelling is the future of marketing. Learn valuable skills and upgrade your knowledge to become future-ready.

Get personalized 1-1 mentoring and hands-on support to execute a storytelling project in your company.

Save time and prevent the most common mistakes when working on your brand challenge with our expert guidance.

Save costs – get the program at a fraction of the cost compared to outsourcing your project to external consultants.

Our Success Stories

Masterclass Program

Day 1 (4 hours):

1. Program start

Outline: Program outline and introductions of all participants

2. The concept of storytelling

Outline: Set the foundations. Why storytelling is powerful?

3. Business storytelling 

Outline: Storytelling in the business context. How to make it work?

4. Find great stories

Outline: Find your potential resources for great storytelling ideas. How to identify them and collect information effectively?

Practice: The lunch invitation

5. The formula for storytelling

Outline: Build effective story narratives that engage your audience.

Practice: A case study

Day 2 (3 hours):

5. The formula for storytelling (cont.)

Outline: Build effective story narratives that engage your audience.

6. Transmedia storytelling

Outline: What is transmedia storytelling? Examples of effective transmedia storytelling.

Practice: Apply transmedia storytelling to your business context

7. Create a powerful content hub

Outline: How to build a powerful content hub that is focused on informing and engaging, not selling. Match content to intent.

Practice: Design your own content hub

Day 3 (3 hours):

8. Content Management Process

Outline: Learn to manage effectively the content process in your organization. DO’s and DON’ts of the successful content management process.

Practice: Content Manager for a day

9. Content Marketing in the New Normal

Outlines: How content and marketing will look like after COVID-19? Strategies to engage with your customer.

Practice: Craft your post-pandemic content plan.

Day 4 (3 hours):

10. Articles and interviews deep dive. Create an engaging company blog that presents you as an industry leader

Outline: Key tips to create articles and interviews. Deep dive analysis of a professional article/interview. How to identify the “good and bad” content.

Practice: Shifting mindset

11. The modern storyteller

Outline: Tools and techniques to master the next generation of storytelling.

12. Summary, networking, and next steps

Outline: Networking with fеllow marketers, sharing experiences, learnings, discussing potential partnerships, asking additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that thinking about your specific topic from scratch can be an overwhelming process. Hence, we will guide you through the process and identify together the direction you would like to work on. After you register for the event, you will receive an email with the potential areas you can look at and choose the one you would like to work on during the workshops and 1-1 sessions.

The areas you can choose from include:

  1. Messaging audits and creation – make sure you have a stunning website, and your message is well understood across different communication channels.
  2. Content strategy – Thinking about launching a blog? Creating content can be an overwhelming process. We can help you structure and organize it in a flowless way.
  3.  Social media strategy – Do you need help with your social media? We will review your messaging and advise you on implementing the best marketing practices in your industry.
  4. Employer branding – Finding the right talent is crucial for sustained growth. We can guide you in the process of crafting your new employer branding strategy.
  5. Digital PR and media relations – How to communicate with the right media and ensure your media presence increases your brand reach? Choose this topic and find out.
  6. Video storytelling – Leverage the power of video in your marketing strategy. Build your client success stories, company videos, and more.

Yes. This will be a great place to start. If you have already designed your storytelling processes and practices, we can help you fill in the gaps and leverage your brand storytelling to the next level.

We understand. COVID-19 reshaped many businesses and created an unprecedented situation for all of us. If we can further explain the program’s value to help you make a decision – it is not about getting regular training that you will never implement.

Our goal is to share valuable know-how with you while encouraging you to work on a practical topic, which will help your marketing activities. 

If you look at it from an investment point of view – it is about equipping you with great tools and providing you with a direction to continue the process successfully within your organization.

If you can’t join us during March, take advantage of our website’s free resources and register your interest in our next Masterclass. We are excited to keep in touch and looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events!

We have a solution to this challenge! 

Our goal is to connect with all of our students by working in small groups and interacting as much as possible.

But we understand that as a busy professional, you might not be able to commit to the live workshops’ days and time. And this is ok. You can still learn with us and look at our mentoring sessions in the Tech Story 1-1.

You are able to choose the number of hours you can work with us based on the skills you would like to acquire.

Furthermore, we will add you to our networking group so you connect with your peers and learn from them.

If this option suits you better, contact us so we can discuss your personalized storytelling program!

Storytelling is not a direct sales pitch, but it is one of the best marketing and sales techniques you can master. It can bring more customers to your company than any of the existing “push” sales techniques most companies use.

Welcome to our class, and we will show you actionable steps and successful examples that prove this point!

Thanks a lot for your interest in the program!

We would love to have you as part of our storytelling class. However, our goal is to keep the audience focused and targeted to the best we can, so this Masterclass edition will be dedicated only to the technology sector. We believe that this will bring maximum value to all of our attendees.

If you want to join us on one of the upcoming editions of the Innovative Storytelling Masterclass, we are more than happy to put you on our waiting list and book your seat for the next available event!

Just drop us a line at: with the message:

Hi Sonya,

Please include me on the waiting list for the next Innovative Storytelling Masterclass. Sign me in (please provide your details):





We will surely keep in touch and looking forward to working together in the future!

Contact us at:

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